Asbestos Law

Up until more recent years, asbestos law did not exist because workers were not aware of the dangers they were at risk for. When entire communities located near asbestos companies started to show the deadly and serious effects that asbestos can cause is when asbestos law developed. The companies had known for years the deadly effects asbestos can cause but was able to avoid asbestos law because the public was unaware.

Asbestos law has now become a very public topic. Most recently, on March 10, 2003 the Supreme Court ruled on asbestos law and monetary entitlement that railroad workers can receive. A controversial subject, asbestos law has uncovered that many companies have continued to allow workers to become exposed to asbestos and now many companies have gone bankrupt awarding the victims and surviving family members. If you have suffered health effects due to asbestos exposure, please contact us to learn more about asbestos law.

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