Asbestos Litigation

Most recently, asbestos litigation favored railroad workers that have endured asbestos exposure when the Supreme Court ruled on March 10, 2003 that some workers exposed to asbestos could win asbestos litigation cases even if they never suffer from asbestos cancer. The court unanimously concluded that certain asbestos exposed workers should be awarded if pursuing asbestos litigation simply on the grounds that the fear of developing cancer is suffering enough when the workers are already suffering from asbestosis.

The basis of asbestos litigation was described as disappointing from the industry. The industry cannot dispute that asbestos litigation has been the result of “undisputed relationship between exposure to asbestos sufficient to cause asbestosis, and asbestos-related cancer? according to Justice Ruth Ginsburg. Already, many companies have gone bankrupt due to asbestos litigation ruling in favor of workers exposed to the dangers of asbestos, however the recent Supreme Court ruling is certain to result in a continuance of asbestos litigation pursued by suffering workers. There is a multibillion-dollar asbestos litigation crisis and if you would like more information on asbestos litigation please contact us .

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